5 Sectors Where Foreign Workers Are Allowed To Work.

Kementerian Dalam Negeri (Ministry of Home Affairs) also called as KDN is the prime authority for foreign workers approval to live and work in Malaysia.

As an experienced agency for recruiting and supply of foreign worker, with the perfect documentation prepared by our experts reduce the time taken for getting the necessary and required permits.

Our In-house experts and Professional staff submit the application in a perfect order to KDN for foreign Workers approvals after going through complete documentation check list and process, to get the work done with in a short span of time.

Our Client base is the classic example for what we boast of in getting the permissions for workers who are eager and enthusiastic to live and work in Malaysia.

Our Expertise in these types of approvals:

  • Approval for foreign workers
    • General Workers for Hotels, Restuarant, Malls, Super Markets, Hospitals, Condominium, Golf Courses, Race Course, Ware House.
    • House keeping staff for Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, Golf Resorts.
    • Factory Workers for Manufacturing Industries.
    • Semi Skilled and Skilled Industrial Workers for Infrastructure Projects, Big Industrial Houses and Manufacturing Industries.
    • Plantation Workers to work in Palm Oil fields and other related to plantation.
    • Agricultural Workers to work in fields for cultivation of Vegetables, Fruits, and other related.
    • Security Guards most importantly Nepali security Personnel( the Trusted Security officers around the world).
  • Approval for professional (DP10, DP11)

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